AMV/AMF Series

The AMV series is a complete line of ground power developed for applications in aerospace and defense. The units come with compact size and can provide high quality 400Hz to aircrafts or components in hangars, repair stations, assembly station, factory and airports. 800Hz output customization is also available under request. The high protection level makes AMV ideal for outdoor use.

Output voltage of the AMF series is 115/200V fixed or with an adjustable range of 10%. Users can select between output frequency 400Hz fixed or 300~500Hz adjustable. With overload drive capability and IP54 protection level, the AMV series is ideal for motor, aerospace and military types of application. There are stand-alone and trailer type models for different applications.

  • IP54
    Salt corrosion-resisting, damp-resisting & mold-resisting coatingMain components have been ruggedized for harsh environments
  • Dual Outputs (opt.)
    Supply to multiple loadsThe flexibility of moving and using
  • Protection
    Error Log for problem analysisOutput undervoltage / overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, input undervoltage / overvoltage, overheat and other more than twenty fault conditions.
Compact & Lighter

Preen’s latest ground power unit, the AMV series, has been greatly improved on size and weight. Compared to the previous version ground power unit, the AMV series can be up to 50% smaller and 40% lighter. This leading power density makes it easier on installation and relocation, providing a great flexibility.

Robust Overload Ability

AMV Series has 125% /600secs, 150% /30secs, 200% /10secs standard overload capability.
AMF Series has 120% /60mins, 150% /60secs, 200% /15secs standard overload capability.