Key Features

  • Wavelength range: 1900 to 5500 nm 
  • 5 wavelength resolution settings: 0.2 to 5 nm
    Enables the user to choose the best value according to the device/system under test.
  • Wide measurable level range: −60 to +13 dBm
    Suitable to measure high power as well as low power sources used in different fields of application. Sensitivity: HIGH1-3 are only high dynamic mode.
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5 nm
    Easily maintained due to the built-in Calibration Function and wavelength reference source.
  • Close-in dynamic range: 50 dB

Measurement example of 4.3 μm DFB laser
(Res: 0.2 nm, Span: 50 nm)

  • Horizontal scale also in Wave Number (cm−1)
    In addition to the commonly-used scales in wavelength (nm) and frequency (THz).

Purge Feature

Due to the high resolution and sensitivity of the AQ6377, it can actually detect the presence of water molecules in the air. The water vapor is detected in the upper Near-IR wavelength region and could overlap with or mask the spectral characteristics of the actual device under test in that particular region.

By continuously supplying a pure purge gas such as nitrogen to the monochromator through the ports on the back panel, the AQ6377 can reduce the influence of water vapor absorptions and provide more reliable and accurate measurements than ever before.

Built-in Cut Filter for High Order Diffracted Light

Due to the diffractive technology used, the monochromator in some circumstances could generate high order diffracted light, which appears at wavelengths equal to the integral multiple of input wavelengths.

By cutting incoming light below 1500 nm with the built-in filter, the AQ6377 drastically reduces the influence of high order diffracted light on the measurement. Thus, the measured data are always reliable and replicate the real signal under test.

Double Speed Mode

Increases the sweep speed up to 2 times compared to the standard sweep mode, with only a 2 dB penalty to the standard sensitivity value.

Free-Space Optical Input

The AQ6377 uses a free-space optical input structure (i.e. no fiber is mounted inside the instrument), most effective for guaranteeing high coupling efficiency, measurement repeatability, and no maintenance.

This smart solution is:

  • WORRY-FREE: no internal fiber can be scratched or get dirty by inaccurate coupling of fibers
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: no internal fiber has to be cleaned
  • VERSATILE: the instrument accepts both /PC and /APC connectors
  • DUAL PURPOSE: the instrument accepts both Single-Mode and Multi-Mode fibers without being affected by the high insertion loss from MM-SM fibers matching