Battery Voltage Recorder BVR22 is a handheld device intended for measuring string voltage, single cell voltage, inter-cell connection voltage, ambient temperature, and cell temperature. Additionally, it enables simultaneous measurement of string voltage and DC current and helps the user to determine the capacity of the battery.

BVR22 can be used for measuring voltage and temperature parameters while battery is either connected or disconnected from the network. BVR22 measures and records voltage and temperature data in its internal memory, with an ability of storing measurements for up to 200 different strings. Measured parameters are displayed on the 2.8 inch color display.

Due to its ability to cover a wide voltage measurement range of up to 600 V DC, large battery banks as well as single batteries can be tested and supervised with this device. Download of collected data to an external computer is available via USB and Bluetooth communication. Detailed analysis and trending of battery banks and single batteries’ state of health is enabled by using DV-B Win software application set.

  • Handheld – from 0,5 to 0,7 kg (1.1 to 1.5 Ibs) depending on the model
  • Max voltage measurement range ± 600 V
  • Automatically measures, time-stamps and stores cell/string (float) voltages in less than 1 second
  • Cell and ambient temperature measurements
  • Current measurement using current clamps
  • IR communication with external Density Meter*
  • Performs full battery discharge test simultaneously measuring string voltage and discharge current
  • Easy transfer of measured data to DV-B Win software for further analysis