The RMO60E is ideal for testing protective bonding (grounding) of equipment following the standard IEC 61010-1.

The RMO60E generates true DC current with automatically regulated test ramps. During the test RMO60E ramps with increasing current before measuring and decreasing current after the measurement. This eliminates magnetic transients. After the test current has been set, pressing the Ω button starts the automatic test procedure.

The RMO60E instrument can store up to 500 measurements. All measurements are time and date stamped. Using DV-Win software a test can be performed from a PC, and the results can be obtained directly at a PC. Communication between RMO60E and PC is through USB or RS232 cable. Using DV-Win the result can be arranged as an Excel spreadsheet that can be later shown as a diagram and printed for a report.

The set is equipped with thermal and overcurrent protection. The RMO60E has very high ability to cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields. It is achieved by very efficient filtration. The filtration is made utilizing proprietary hardware and software.