This compact and lightweight handheld ethernet test set with functionality is optimized for the network path testing and maintenance of 10M to 10G Ethernet networks. Integrated functions and field optimized operations are in one compact box, designed to improve work efficiency and quality.

AQ1301 10M 100M 1G  
AQ1300 10M 100M 1G 10G

World’s Smallest-in-class 10GbE tester (AQ1300)

The AQ1300 is the world’s smallest in-class 10G Portable Ethernet Tester. It offers exellent mobility for field work, reduces work load, and ensures work efficiency and safety.

  • A5- Size
  • Easy-to-carry robust structure suitable for field use
  • The light weight (Approx. 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs) makes it more comfortable to carry or hold in the hand at work

All functions in ONE for Network path test

All the functions needed for field performance testing are integrated into a compact unit. The functions are optimized to improve work efficiency in the field where work hours and working conditions are limited.

  • Optical and electrical measurement ports for 10M to 1G (AQ1301) and 10M to 10G (AQ1300) are available
  • Built-in Optical power meter (factory-installed option for the AQ1300)
  • Equipped with a variety of test functions to evaluate Ethernet performance, such as an ethernet throughput tester, latency measurement, bit error rate test, and PING test

More Efficient and Reliable Network Path Test

Network path testing or other routine work require not only work efficiency but also that workers of any skill level can carry out a proper test with the correct procedure and settings.
Automated tests using the setup files pre-loaded on the tester ensures consistent work quality.

  • Auto: Just select a setup file and run it to perform automatic measurement and save the measurement results
  • Auto (Remote): Link the two units as master and slave to run automatic tests
  • Remote Control: Control remotely from a PC via GUI

Powerful Failure Analysis Functions

The AQ1300 series provides a variety of functions to reproduce the user’s traffic environment for more accurate troubleshooting.

  • Function to generate a variety of test frames to reproduce the real traffic environment
  • Tests with variable frame length and field, overload test, burst traffic test, and multi-flow test
  • Various physical layer analysis functions

Intuitive and Comfortable Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The screen is laid out so you can understand the information you need, like the setting items and setting states at a glance and a unified operating system offers stress-free operation.

  • All menu keys, operation buttons, and rotary knob are laid out on the right side to allow for single hand operation.
  • The operation system is optimized for practical use in network path testing and maintenance

Large LCD Screen

The large screen improves work efficiency and reduces operational errors and mistakes.

  • An easy-to-read large color LCD display (5.7-inch, 640 480 pixels)