World-Class Optical Performance

  • Wavelength range: 350 to 1750nm
  • High wavelength accuracy: ±0.05nm
  • High wavelength resolution: 0.05 to 10 nm
  • Wide dynamic range: 60dB (peak ±1.0nm)
  • Wide level range: +20 to -80dBm
  • Fast measurement: 0.5 sec. (100nm span)

Wavelength Resolution Settings:

There are 8 wavelength resolution settings: 0.05 to 10 nm
to enable the user to choose the best value according to the
device/system under test.

Measurable Level Range:

The wide measurable level range is from−80 to +20 dBm. This is suitable to measure high power as well as low power sources used in different fields of application.

Wavelength accuracy:

The ±0.05 nm wavelength accuracy can be maintained by the calibration using the built-in reference light source or an external light source including HeNe laser and Argon light source.

Fast measurement:

The instrument takes only 0.5 s for 100 nm span (with sensitivity set to NORM_AUTO).

Number of sampling: 100001

The number of wavelength samples has been doubled. One sweep can measure a wider wavelength range at high resolution.

Mouse and keyboard operation

More than 30 years of feedback from users have enabled intuitive and easy-to-use front panel operation. Mouse functionality provides ease of use for navigation and the keyboard helps to enter numbers and file names.

Trace zooming

  • Change display conditions, such as center wavelength and span, by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  • Enlarge your area of interest instantly and move it at will.
  • No need for another measurement to modify the display conditions.

Trace calculation and analysis

Seven individual traces

  • Simultaneous multi-trace display
  • Calculation between traces (subtraction between traces)
  • Max/Min Hold function

USB ports

Four USB ports in total available on front and back facilitate the use of external devices such as a mouse, keyboard, external hard drives and memory sticks.

Thumbnail file preview

The thumbnail allows an easy and fast route to find a particular file out of many files in internal and external storage.

All-at once trace filing

A time-saving feature which allows to save all seven traces in one file at once. Files are saved in CSV format and can be easily manipulated