Three versions of Light Sources based on wavelengths.

Three-wavelengths to address telecom service, plus additional wavelength for maintenance channel.
AQ4280A ; 1310/1550nm
AQ4280B ; 1310/1490/1550nm
AQ4280C ; 1310/1550,1490/1625nm (2 ports)

Auto switching of measurement wavelength

Wavelength is automatically selected when the AQ4280 and AQ2180 are paired together. This feature eliminates the the extra step to manually setup the power meter wavelength and eliminates possibility of invalid measurements due to misconfigured wavelengths.

Power source

Standard dry cell batteries are easily obtained. (type : AA)
Rechargeable batteries may also be used to reduce the operational cost. Auto power-saving feature also extends battery life.

Basic items included as standard accessories.

– SC, FC or other connector adapter
(Removable for convenient access for cleaning)
AQ4280 A/B/C : FC/PC, SC/PC, ST/PC
– Rubber protector to prevent damage when dropped
– Carrying pouch to house unit and connector adapters
(Use the optional SU2006 pouch for housing the AQ4280 fitted with a protector)