Ideal performance for manufacturing tests

The AQ6360 optical analyzer satisfies the typical measurement needs of industrial manufacturing of telecom devices such as lasers, optical transceivers and optical amplifiers.

  • Wavelength range: 1200 to 1650 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 0.1 to 2 nm
  • High wavelength accuracy: ±0.02 nm
  • High dynamic range: 55 dB
  • Wide measurement range: +20 to −80 dBm

Sweep up to two times faster

The AQ6360 can sweep up two times faster than our models designed for R&D purposes.

Free space optical input

The free space optical input structure is the most effective to guarantee high coupling efficiency and measurement repeatability.

Accepts both single-mode and multimode optical fibers

Accepts both flat and angle polished connectors

Worry free
Damage proof internal input connector

No internal fiber to clean

Built-in wavelength reference source

(Factory option)

Space saving 4U height

(1U lower than AQ6370 Series)



AQ6370 series compatible operation

The AQ6360 inherits the screen and menu layout from our OSA lineup, which is recognized by thousands of users all over the world as the most intuitive and easy-to-use.

Multi-touch touchscreen

Tap, drag, pinch in and pinch out. The high resolution, responsive 8.4-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen makes the operation of the instrument simple and intuitive.

Built-in analysis functions to increase productivity

More than ten data analysis functions are available, including WDM (OSNR), SMSR, DFB-LD, EDFA, and Spectral width.

Ready for remote operation

Ethernet and GPIB remote interfaces
The AQ6360 is equipped with GP-IB, and Ethernet interfaces for remote access and for building automated test systems.

AQ6370D compatible remote commands
It is compatible with both AQ6370D and AQ6317 commands