High performance OTDR module for RFTS (Remote Fiber Test System)

The AQ7277B is OTDR modules for RFTS (Remote Fiber Test System) including features required for monitoring fibers.

-High-speed data transfer

The Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) interface achieves high-speed data transfer.

-Maintenance wavelength which has no influence to live communications

OTDR with the maintenance wavelength (1650 nm) enables the monitoring of live communications line.
A built-in cut filter reduces an impact of communications signals on the measurement.

-Available for test through high-port-count splitters

Supports the measurement of the PON system including high-port-count splitters.


-Small-sized module

The volume is reduced by 60% compared to the existing model (AQ7277).
The mountability in the RFTS is improved.

-Wavelength lineup

In addition to the model of the maintenance wavelength (1650 nm), there is a model of 1550 nm (DR 50 dB) which supports long distance measurement.