AFV-P series

AFV-P Series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and precision measurement. This compact power source provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60 Hz and it delivers output voltage of 0-310 V and frequency of 40-500Hz (opt. 15-1000 Hz).

  • 2U/4U
    Compact Sizes 2U : 600VA / 1250VA / 2500VA4U : 500VA
  • 4.5 times
    High Inrush Current Ideal for inrush current: capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current
  • ≦0.3%
    Low THD Total Harmonic Distortion is only under 0.3 % when output power is under 100 Hz
  • AC&DC Output
    AC source with DC output One machine with AC Output and DC Output to extend more applications
  • 0-310V
    Wide Output Wide output Voltage and Frequency ranges.
  • ≦300uS
    High Slew Rate The slew rate less than 300 µs from 0~90% output voltage
Panel Description
  • 1Power Switch
  • 2Touch Screen HMI
  • 3Rotary Knob
  • 4Output / Reset
  • 5AC Output Socket
  • 6Output Terminals
  • 7Remote Sense
  • 8USB Interface
  • 9RS-232 / RS-485
  • 10Ethernet Interface
  • 11Input Voltage Selector
  • 12PLC Remote In/Out
  • 13Input Socket
  • 14USB Interface
  • 15Sync. Singal I/O
AC & DC Output

AFV-P series not only provide AC output to simulate real world grid conditions, but also can generate DC output based on user’s settings. It is an ideal cost-effective power testing solution for R&D and certification laboratories.

Intuitive Touch Screen Control

To create a complex sequence on the HMI is no longer a difficult task for AFV-P series. The 5 inches touch screen provides users a clear display and an easy set up. AFV-P is also equipped with a rotary knob for better fine tune adjustments.

Programmable Simulations: Transient Feature

Through the Transient feature, user can have more control over the waveform by inserting disturbance at user-defined locations with user-defined drop/rise range. This is a useful feature to simulate different precompliance tests and various types of power line disturbance, such as surge, sag, spike and dropout, for immunity tests.

Ideal for High Inrush Current EUT & Start / End Angle Setting

The AFV-P series can provide up to 4.5 times of peak current from its maximum rated current, which is ideal for inrush current test, such as electric motor test. Additionally, the AFV-P series allows user to set the start angle/end angle for the product output, which is suitable for testing switching power supplies.

Multiple Communication Interfaces & Control Software

The AFV-P series is equipped with communication interfaces of USB, Ethernet, RS232, and RS485, so users no longer need to spend extra on remote interface card. Only GPIB and analog are optional interfaces. AFV-P also provides control software with comprehensive programming features and LabView driver, which help users to easily control the AC source without further needs of programming.

Programmable Simulation: Step & Ramp Features

Ramp and Step feature allows users to define slew rate of voltage and frequency at each Step. Users can set the rise/fall time, time unit and voltage/frequency change between Steps to create a wide range of waveform. Additionally, Ramp feature can effectively reduce the inrush current by simulating soft start for motor or compressor startup.

Fast Response & High Stability

AFV-P series is a high performance AC source with fast response time, low total harmonic distortion and tight voltage regulation. With its technically advanced features, users can easily simulate power line disturbance, such as sags, surges, dropouts and spikes.