Preen AC Power Corp.

The AFV+ series is a high power programmable AC power source utilizing advanced PWM technology to deliver power with THD œ 0.5% and up to 2000kVA.
The output frequency is 45~65Hz with accuracy of ± 0.02%, and user can select 45~500Hz option to expand the frequency. The AFV+series is ideal to simulate different region’s voltage and frequency conditions, and can cover applications for home appliance, motor, medical equipment, lighting and EMC laboratory.
The AFV+ series features STEP and RAMP programmable functions to easily simulate single or continuous output changes. Three phase independent adjustment, optional remote sensing and optional phase angle adjustment all provide convenient control to simulate different kinds of line disturbance. These features are ideal for test applications of R&D design verification, quality assurance and production checks. For remote control, the AFV+ series has standard RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface card and optional GPIB and Ethernet interfaces for easy setup and programming.

  • Up 2000kVA
    High Power Density with compact size 1Phase : 10kVA~150kVA 3Phase : 10kVA~2000kVA
  • ≦0.5%
    Low Total Harmonic Distortion 
  • ≦0.5%
    Low Load Regulation 
  • 0-300V
    Wide Output Voltage Range
  • 45-500Hz
    Wide Output Frquency Range(option)
  • Voltage & Angle 
    Three Phase Independent Adjustment & Phase Angle Control 
Intuitive 7”Touch Screen

The AFV+ series employs 7″touch screen to provide intuitive and easy-to-use control and display. Users can quickly access output settings and measurements, including voltage, current, frequency, real power, apparent power, PF and sum of each phase’s parameters. Complex sequences and system configurations can also be easily done via the touch screen.

Three Phase Independent Adjustment & Phase Angle Control

The Three Phase Independent Adjustment feature of the AFV+ series can simulate advanced power line disturbance, such as three-phase voltage unbalanced. User can press the icon on the main page of the touch screen to quickly switch from balanced voltage setting to independent voltage adjustment setting . Optional Angle Control is also available to simulate phase shift for different power conditions.

RAMP and STEP programming features

The AFV+ series’ RAMP feature has up to 12 sequences available with parameters of voltage, frequency and time, and the STEP feature has up to 24 sequences available with parameters of voltage, frequency and time. These features provide an easy method to simulate different kinds of power line disturbance.

Remote Control Software:Preen Program

The AFV+ series offers complimentary remote control software, Preen Program. This graphical user interface provides easy settings and user-friendly configurations for users to fully control the unit. The Preen Program includes GENERAL mode or PROGRAMMABLE mode with STEP and RAMP features available. The preview waveform and report functions also greatly enhance convenience for on review parameters and results before or after testing.